Sunday, August 30, 2020

Project Beauty | ROLEmodel21 | Wendy Childress Seniors

I was first introduced to Project Beauty a couple of years ago when I saw a leading photographer in the industry, Thomas Nguyen, share a post about it.  I instantly because in love with the purpose behind the project and also the imagery that he creates.  This year's ROLEmodel team was off to a slow start because of the COVID pandemic.  Our normal team shoots had been postponed and we were staying home. I was searching for a way to get these girls involved. I chatted with the team about the Project Beauty idea and we decided it was the perfect type of shoot considering HMUA weren't working and a group shoot wasn't a good idea.  So I pulled together some items and turned my garage into a makeshift studio.  Each girl came one by one to do their shoot.  The idea behind Project Beauty is to focus on the inner beauty of each individual.  For this shoot, girls did not wear any kind of makeup and there were no edits done other than changing the photos to black and white.  I love the black and white and how it makes their features pop! There's something about black and white imagery that draws you in, without color to distract you. Each girl also wrote a blurb on what beauty means to them that was posted on my instagram. I'm so proud of their courage to share their bare faces in a world that puts so much emphasis on outer beauty and materialism. As you can see, each and every one of them is simply beautiful in their own unique way just the way God made them.