Monday, August 21, 2017

Allyssa | Senior Model Team | Escondido Senior Photographer

Meet miss Allyssa! This girl instantly stands out in a crowd! Not only is she stunning, she has the sweetest personality and truly cares for those in her life.  She's the girl who hangs out with the moms and chats, she calls you to make sure your ok, she lifts you up when you are down.  I've had the honor of watching her grow from kindergarten to senior year and she's pretty amazing.  Fun fact: she was voted Homecoming queen which is no surprise!  I had a great time photographing her senior portraits at the lake, enjoy a few favs from her session.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Andrea | Senior Model Team | San Marcos Senior Photographer

Yowza! This girl is such a natural beauty! Andrea is a quiet girl until you get to know her.  But she has such a fun personality and is so fun to be around.  We had a great time capturing her senior portraits at the ranch in Carlsbad.  She really brought it! I'm so happy to have met Andrea and get to know her this year! She's the perfect addition to my senior model team! Here are a few favs from her senior session.

10 Tips for the Best Senior Year Ever!! | Seniorology | San Diego Senior Photographer

1. Take Pictures

The best way to capture the memories of senior year is by taking pictures! I also recommend taking little videos on your phone; after I graduated, I made a long video of all the small clips I took during the school year. A picture says 1,000 words, and videos preserve all the precious moments forever. I also highly recommend getting professional photos taken senior year. Luckily you and I both know the oh-so-talented Wendy Childress! She is an incredible photographer, a wonderful mother, and a beautiful soul.

2. Stay Organized

Staying organized allows you to be in charge of your senior year. Senioritis is real...very real. I suggest getting a planner and writing all your responsibilities in it; that way you will never miss a beat or double-book yourself. Also, having a planner allows you to manage your time wisely when it comes to adding social time into your schedule; I like being able to have a tangible outlook of how busy my week is so that I can allot quality time with my friends on a day that I’m not stressed about a school deadline.

3. Make new friends 

Do you know all your classmates’ names? What about their hobbies? Maybe that person that you pass by in the halls on your way to 2nd period is interested in the same things you are!

4. Scholarships! 

Who doesn’t love free money? Especially as you’re reaching the end of free education, scholarships are a great way to earn money for college just by showcasing yourself! A helpful tip for making the scholarship application process quicker and easier is to keep an ongoing list of all your awards, extracurricular activities, and community service participation --since most scholarships require you to list these things anyways. That way you don’t forget to include one of your awesome features in the application!

5. Participate in the classroom

Did I mention that this is the last year of free education? Take advantage of it! There is so much knowledge to be explored! My senior year I made the effort to be physically and mentally present during my classes and it has made all the difference in my learning experience!

6. Visit colleges 

When it comes to choosing which colleges to apply to, I highly suggest taking a tour of the campus first. Make a whole day out of it! My mom and I visited UCSD, UCI, Pepperdine, and UCLA in one day! When I stepped foot onto UCLA’s campus, there was this unexplainable feeling: I belonged there. I could see myself walking to class, eating in the dining halls, getting involved in school activities.

7. Appreciate your teachers 

I believe educators are the most important and the most underappreciated influencers in society. Your teachers have spent years gaining expertise to share with you. They wake up every day wanting to make a difference in your life. We all see what teachers have to go through sometimes, don’t let your senior year go by without letting your teachers know that their impact is appreciated!

8. Use your resources

My school’s Career Center was my favorite resource during senior year! Whether it was providing scholarship opportunities,  hosting presentation-visits from university representatives, or even being a place to use a printer, the Career Center has been a lifesaver for many seniors --myself included.

9. Take care of yourself! 

Staying healthy senior year is so important; we all know it’s never a good time to be sick. Sleeping well is so important. I know it can be hard to get enough sleep during the week when school, homework, and extracurriculars become overwhelming, but if it means saving the binge-watching until the weekend to go to sleep before midnight, your immune system will thank you.

10. Make it count! 

You only have one senior year of high school! Enjoy it! You’ll be turning your tassel to the left before you know it. Hope you have an amazing senior year!

::Thoughtfully written by AJ Maloney
AJ was a Class of 2017 WCPSenior Model and is an accomplished young women. She will attending UCLA in the fall.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Baby Norah | Simply Babies | San Marcos Newborn Photographer

Welcome to world Baby Norah!  You guys! She is the most precious little girl! I'm obsessed! I'm so thankful I got to meet the Garner family and to capture this time for them!  They are super rad and I loved being invited into their home to photograph their first child.  Sweet Norah was a dream, so quiet and content.  I swear it has to be because mom and dad are so calm and loving.  I love capturing brand new families! Its such a special time that seems to go by in a blur.  I'm glad they decided to have this time photographed so that some day, when the diapers are gone and she's toddling around, they can look back on these images and reminisce on the first moments when this sweet pea stole their hearts.