Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Wild & Free | Class of 2017 Senior Model Team | San Diego Senior Photographer

It's been almost 4 years since I started my senior model program.  The first two years I had one girl who represented me to the local high schools, last year I had 5 girls and 2 guys and this year I stepped it up and brought on 10 girls from 6 different schools in our area.  It's been so much fun getting to know each one of them.  Their personalities are so different yet we share this common thread.  I didn't expect to become so connected to my girls. Somehow they have become woven into my heart.  Every year I aim to make my Senior Model Team experience better than the year before.  Last year I planned a styled shoot with my group of girls and it was a huge success.  They loved it just as much as I did.  This year I decided to take my girls on a destination shoot! It was an all day affair. We decided to do a desert location with a boho theme months ago and then California was hit with a lot of rain making the desert bloom! Lucky me!

A couple days before our destination shoot, we headed to Blues and Shoes Clothing in the Carlsbad Village for a personalized styling session with the shop owner.  It was so fun having the girls trying on different looks and showing us their outfits.  The clothes and accessories in this shop are so cute! The girls were so excited, they ended up shopping for other items and taking a few things home.

Our day started out with hair and makeup at The Shop Beauty and Art in the Carlsbad Village.  The girls were treated to amazing hair styling by one of the shop co-owners, Candice and another stylist Oriana.  They also were treated to makeup application by one of our own girls who is a makeup entrepreneur as well as another senior girl who is starting out with her makeup biz.  We had lunch and then packed up the girls in a large passenger van along with a couple of my most trusted assistants and hit the road.

Traveling a couple of hours into the desert with 12 girls in the van could have been nuts, but it was so much fun.  The convos, the singing, the many great memories! Each of these girls are brilliant, generous, and kind and  the time we have spent together this year is a treasure.  I can't believe this is my life and I get to hang out with these amazingly beautiful girls.  I feel so blessed and grateful.

Here are some of my favs from our Wild & Free shoot in the Anza Borrego Desert!

Wardrobe styling provided by : Blues and Shoes & Ragz Clothing

Hair styling provided by: The Shop Beauty and Art

Makeup provided by: AJ Maloney (ajmakeup44) & Tatiana Montano (beautyby.tatiana)

Leanne, Sage Creek High School- Class of 2017
Leanne is bubbly and one of the friendliest girls you will meet!  She has this energy that doesn't stop.   She is adventurous and ready to try anything.  She is positive and I can count on her to bring positive energy to what ever we are doing as a group. She's comfortable in the spotlight, always volunteering to be photographed first.  She is a talented dancer and has won many awards.  She's a loyal friend, it must be that sweet country girl in her. Leanne has been a fun addition to our team.

Dionna, Mission Hills High School - Class of 2017
This girl is sassy! Quiet yet outspoken.  She is strong at heart and loves big. She's the oldest of three sisters and is protective of those she holds dear.   She was a tiny dancer at the age of 2 and is still traveling and competing.  Dance is in her soul.  Besides being kind, she has a fun personality and a beautiful smile that lights up the room. I value who she is and love having her on my team.

Xochi, Vista High School - Class of 2017
Xochi is a free spirit who is always up for adventure.  This girl is strong minded and a deep thinker.  She's a modern day hippie, a wildflower growing freely in the beauty and joy of each day.  She's very involved in school activities such as ASB always there to support and cheer on her school.  Besides being beautiful, fierce and free, she is a leader in the water with her school water polo and swim teams. Xochi reminds me to not be confined to the boundaries that others have put on you, live free and bloom when they don't expect it.

Chloe & Maddi, Most Trusted Assistants
I don't know what I would do without these two.  I love having them along for as many of my sessions as I can get them to. They are my right hands, helping with gear, lighting, reflectors, social media and whatever I need at the moment. Chloe is my daughter and I enjoy the mother daughter time and having her experience the joy and fun that I experience with these girls.  She is my biggest supporter and encourager and blesses me beyond what I ever could have expected.  Maddi is such a sweet heart and is willing to do anything I ask of her.  I've known her since she was a kindergartener and we've shared many memories along the way.  She's always happy and thoughtful and is so easy to be around.  I've been blessed to have her come alongside me this past year and look forward to capturing her senior photos next year.

Sierra, Mission Vista High School - Class of 2017
Sierra is my quiet reserved girl until you get her in front of the camera.  She will stay in the background, present and taking everything in.  When she is in front of the camera she comes alive. She has a runway strut like non other. She has fun in front of the camera and once you get that burst of laughter she steals your heart.  She is an outdoorsy girl who is independent and enjoys journaling and drawing. Besides being a fierce lover of animals, she is a talented competitive equestrian athlete.  

Samantha, Rancho Buena Vista High School - Class of 2017
Sam is a firecracker! You never know what's coming next! She is strong and determined and has the most tender heart.  She is the oldest of three children and is a mother hen to the group, always watching our backs.  She's the kind of girl you want in your corner, she won't stop fighting for you with her passion and determination.  Besides being a smarty pants, she is great with kids and volunteers with middle school and daycare children. Sam has been a such blessing to our team.

Alyssa {AJ}, Rancho Buena Vista High School - Class of 2017
AJ is the definition of beauty and brains.  This girl amazes me with her involvement in the community and her school.  She's an IB candidate and has been accepted to some prestigious colleges.  She is a leader at heart and has started her own Adulting club at school that teaches high school students the ins and outs of becoming an adult.  Besides being a genuine friend, she is a talented thespian and makeup artist.  AJ makes you want to become a better person, I admire that about her.

Christiana, Vista High School - Class of 2017
Christiana is so thoughtful.  She is always thinking of others and putting them first.  She is full of life and laughter and is a true joy to be around.  She is energetic and silly and keeps us giggling all day.  Not only is she stunning, she is so humble and kind.  She loves to be outdoors hiking with friends and her pooch.  Besides being involved in ASB at her school, she is a talented Panther dancer.  Christiana is such a sweetheart and is a blessing to know.

Meghan, Mission Vista High School - Class of 2017
Meghan might be the most spirited girl on our team.  This girl is always laughing and being goofy.  If I gave an award for biggest comedian, she would win hands down.  She is a fierce lover of Jesus and is devoted to her church and heavily involved in ministry.  Besides being driven, Meghan is a natural empathizer.  She knows how to encourage and build those up around her.  She is amazing at seeing the good in people, it's no wonder why her peers are drawn to her.

Savannah, Mission Vista High School - Class of 2017
Savannah is extremely outgoing and makes friends wherever she goes.  She is a dreamer with endless possibilities.  I can count on Savannah to have a happy disposition and to see the bigger picture.  She loves to laugh and brings joy to those around her.  Besides being a good example to her younger siblings, Savannah is easy to get along with and easy to love.

Not pictured, but still so important to our team is Sierra, Tri-City Christian High School - Class of 2017.  Sierra was on a college recruiting trip to Hawaii Pacific University where she will be playing volleyball this fall.  We missed you Sierra and are so proud of you.

What an amazing experience this day was, one that I will not soon forget.  Thank you for being the most amazing girls to represent me and my little business.  I love you all so much and am so thankful for each of you. You have made this year full of joy and gratitude!

Part 2 coming soon! Hint...we had some fun with colored smoke bombs!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Maddie | Class of 2017 | Fallbrook Senior Photographer

This girl has the sweetest soul!  I had a great time getting to know her and her parents while we photographed her senior portraits!  I love this little nursery!  The owners are so great to photographers and there are so many little nooks and cranny's for photos.  Congratulations on your graduation Maddie!  Can't wait to see what lies ahead in your future! Here are a few favs from her senior session at the nursery.