Sunday, October 22, 2017

Fall Gathering | Senior Model Team | Senior Photographer

I love spending time with my senior model team!  These girls are hand picked each year for their involvement in the community, their greatness in the classroom and school activities and for their all around fun personality.  Each year I try to make my senior program a little better than the year before and this year I wanted to bring the girls together just for fun more often.  We met up at my home and had a little fall photo shoot in the park behind my house.  When we finished we had chili and cornbread waiting for us.  I loved laughing and making memories with the girls as we did our little photo shoot and then enjoyed the convo over dinner.  These are some great girls and I've been blessed to get to know them! Looking forward to many more fun times like this!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Macie | Senior Model Team | Poway Senior Photographer

Macie is a beautiful girl with a sweet soul and a funny sense of humor!  I've loved getting to know Macie and to photograph her several times this year. She's so easy to talk to, we could chat for days.  I love how real and down to earth she is, I never feel like she is trying to be something she's not.  I can count on her to have positive energy and to keep us smiling during our group events.  She's been a great addition to my senior model team and I'm looking forward to enjoying more experiences with her this year.

Baby Isabella | Simply Babies | Escondido Newborn Photographer

This sweet couple were my first wedding clients and they just became parents! I'm so excited for them!  I was honored to capture their most precious moments once again as they welcomed their baby girl into their family.  Sweet Isabella was just so precious.  Those cheeks! I just wanted to squeeze her! They were some of the most relaxed new parents I have had the privilege to work with. They are so calm and loving, Isabella is a lucky little girl.  Here are a few shots from their lifestyle newborn session in their home.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Dania | Senior Model Team | Carlsbad Senior Photographer

Dania is an amazing young woman! She first impressed me at our first group session when she stepped in without hesitation to ask a spanish speaking man if we could take a photo on his fair ride.  She blew me away with her confidence and willingness to take charge.  Since then I've learned how sweet she is and that she has a huge heart for helping others.  She has a boisterous laugh that will make you smile and a fierceness that will lead her very far in life. I'm overjoyed to have this gorgeous girl on my team and I look forward to spending more time with her this year.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Anniebel | Senior Model Team | Oceanside Senior Photographer

Anniebel is adorable and so outgoing!  I've had the pleasure of watching her grow up from a little 8 year old girl to an amazing young woman.  I can't believe it's been almost ten years!  She's the kind of girl you want as a friend.  She's humble and kind and loves you like family.  She's a hugger too! I love that.  I can count on her to be laughing and having a good time when we are at our group events. Anniebel is a great addition to our senior model team, I'm excited for more adventures with her!