Thursday, October 25, 2018

Takin it Back to the Ol' Skool | ROLEmodel19 Styled Shoot | Senior Photographer

I'm super excited to share this fun styled shoot with all of you!  Each year my senior models get to participate in a couple styled shoots.  I love to have their input and see what look they they are excited about creating. Getting them involved is key to the success of the shoot, I love their creativity!  They wanted a 90's themed shoot and can I just say I was more than excited to take a trip down memory lane to the years when I was their age!  I had visions of a ghetto blaster (at least that's what I called it in 1995), 90's style clothes like Doc Martens and Tommy Hilfiger,  and of course overalls, chokers and scrunchies.  We decided on an urban for that funky street vibe and lots of fun colors. We met up and hit the streets.  You can imagine the looks we got with 16 gorgeous girls all styled up blasting their ghetto blaster to their favorite mixtape while walking down the busy sidewalk busting a move. The fun had began!

We walked a few blocks taking photos, finding a fun record shop to shoot in, having a dance party on the rooftop deck of a parking garage and then finally ended our fun night buy hitting the roller skating rink for some nostalgic fun together.

Every year I'm so blessed to have such fun, beautiful, kind girls represent my brand.  This year I have 18 girls from 8 different north county high schools! It's quite the group! I love getting to know them and to make memories with them.  I love how they form new friendships and make plans to have fun experiences together.

Without further ado... here are some of my favs from our throwback 90's styled ROLEmodel19 shoot!

and just a couple iPhone pics in the skating rink!

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